5 Top Tips For Mindfulness

When I first found out about the law of attraction my first thought was ‘what a load of nonsense’ but as time went on and I started to look into a little more I soon changed my opinion. It’s not all about just changing our mindset, it’s about changing our patterns and behaviour to help... Continue Reading →

The Pressures Of Happiness!

Happiness! It’s just a word, one single word and yet it’s meaning is so incredibly powerful. Our whole lives are centred around making ourself and those around us to feel happy. It absolutely baffles me that this one single word has so much meaning behind it and holds so much pressure! What is true happiness... Continue Reading →

What Anxiety Means To Me!

I am in no way an expert or professional on the subject and I have never actually personally received any kind of professional advice or guidance, and I do advise that you do seek professional help or reach out to someone if you are struggling with your mental health.  I am however, someone who has... Continue Reading →

A Week To Declutter

Sunday! I’ve had no motivation lately to sort out my ever growing bundle of treasures. I love shopping and can't seem to stop myself from unnecessary purchases coming home with me. However I can never seem to be able to throw old things away and as a result my house has become a dumping ground... Continue Reading →

My Journey To Happy

I’m in need of an outlet to release my negative thoughts in a positive way. To make sense of my feelings and thought process, I would love to believe that i’m a happy and positive person but I am starting to think that there is no such thing. Everyone struggles and everyone no matter how... Continue Reading →

Trying to stay Grateful

It amazes me that even when I have the most fantastic day that those dark and negative thoughts still manage to find a way to creep in. I have learnt over the years that these thoughts do not control or define me and I can make them vanish just by remembering a few very important... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me on my journey! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton Hey everyone, I'm Kirsty and like many of you I am on a Journey to happiness and self discovery and thought I would bring you along. I'm going to share with you all everything I... Continue Reading →

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